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Monday, 5th October 2015
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Total Safety – Active Safety
Subaru's concept of total safety performance support driving pleasure. The core technologies at the heart of this approach are the Horizontally-Opposed Engine and Subaru's AWD system, which delivers superior balance with its left/right symmetrical layout. In addition, Subaru has added new features to improve visibility and operability and has improved collision safety through a range of innovations.
With a Subaru, you can be confident of safe and enjoyable drives anywhere, anytime. That's because its total safety performance is pursuing the world's toughest safety standards. Find out more about the importance we place on safety through these vital points.
ABS Braking
An advanced 4-sensor, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is fitted on all Subaru models for powerful, progressive stopping under all road conditions and surfaces. The advanced 4-sensor, 4-channel system detects the instant a wheel is about to lock-up and immediately "pulses" the brake pads on and off, thousands of times a second. It allows the driver to safely steer away from danger while braking hard at the same time.
The advanced 4-sensor, Anti-lock Braking
System (ABS) is fitted on all Subaru models
ABS allows the driver to steer away from
danger while braking hard at the same time
Optimal visibility supports the driver's
judgement and helps reduce fatigue
See and Be Seen
Active safety starts with visibility - the driver's ability to see the road and surroundings quickly and clearly. Optimal visibility supports the driver's judgment and helps reduce driver fatigue, helping keep the driver alert. Subaru also optimized the driving position and controls for both driver comfort and visibility. With the seat and mirrors adjusted, drivers will not need to lean forward to reach the car's controls - therefore allowing them to keep their eyes on the road.
Optimizing pillar location, relative to the driver, provides outstanding outward visibility for safety. The roof pillars offer protection for the passenger compartment and minimize blind spots.
The "being seen" portion of the visibility comes from excellent lighting, with large headlights offering more road illumination.
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